"The race was doomed to destruction"

"There were in all six prime causes, anyone of which would probably enough have led to their extinction: the introduction of  European diseases; frequent affrays with white men; increased facilities for the display of their own ferocity towards each other; even more than any of these-drunkenness; the reduction of the birthrate, consequent on the immorality of the women; and lastly, the increased practice of infanticide, the women, through some superstition, destroying almost all the half-caste infants who now made a large proportion of their offspring ... The race, therefore, was doomed to destruction ... its decline was now mournfully rapid ... (by 1846) the remnant that was left was of no material consequence in the community. Many of the settlers in those days dreamt of the possibility of training them to be useful servants. Sometimes they were very successful, and the natives showed themselves useful in many ways; not that they were willing to do hard bodily labour, but in herding sheep, and riding messages, in driving wagons, they were often quite as valuable as the average European ... in 1846, when there was a great dearth of labour, and when the protectorate system had proved a failure, Gipps thought of trying some theme of converting the natives into shepherds. He accordingly sent a circular to all squatters asking their opinion. He received the stories of their various experiences in large numbers. (Proceedings of the Legislative Council of NSW, 1846) ... Gipps was very much enamoured of his scheme, but the balance of evidence was decidedly against it ... In short, there was no niche in the social fabric of the white man that the native was capable of permanently occupying." Whitworth