"Henry Dangar; Surveyor, pastoralist ... and strongly conservative Member of the Legislative Council ..."

"Dangar, HENRY (1796-1861), surveyor and pastoralist ........ When Governor Brisbane began preparations early in 1822 for the free settlement on the Hunter River districts, Dangar was transferred to Newcastle to make a detailed and immediate survey of the valley ... and in the next two years, measured and marked out village reserves, church lands and allocations for settlers along the lower branches of  the Hunter River and as far North as Patrick Plains, furnishing in 1823 a detailed and valuable 'Return of Land Cleared and Other Improvements made by Small Settlers' ... (later) Dangar toiled almost unceasingly, marking  the road from Newcastle to Wallis Plains (Maitland), measuring reserves and grants and working steadily northwards until he reached the hitherto unsettled upper districts of the Hunter River ... (1824) Muswellbrook, Aberdeen and Scone ..Kingdom Ponds Darkbrook... the confluence of the Goulburn and Hunter Rivers .. and crossed the Liverpool Range to the plains beyond. His report caused an immediate rush of applicants for land grants in these desirable new districts and in May 1825 when he revisited the area, he was commissioned to select land for a number of settlers ... (later) He was offered, and accepted, an appointment as a surveyor to the company under Sir Edward Parry (the Australian Agricultural Co.) ... in the Liverpool Plains (he) selected for Parry's personal examination an extensive area of attractive land ... the company's claim to the land was accepted by the government ... In 1845 he was returned for Northumberland and remained a strongly conservative member of the council until 1851 .. Thomas Dangar (1807-1878) .. from 1861 to 1864 ..served as  member of the Legislative Council .." [73]  


[73] Campbell, JF: The First Decade of the Australian Agricultural Co., 1824 to 1834 JRHS, 9, (1923) pt 3, in Pike, Douglas: Australian Dictionary of Biography (MUP 1966) Vol 1 1788-1850 A-H (Pages 280-282)